“Angela, the Massage Angel, gave me the holiest massage of my life. Radiating warmth and light, intuitively knowing exactly what I needed. She truly is the Massage Angel. I have had bodywork for many years. I work as a Hospice Owner in Sedona, AZ. Thank you, Angela, for a profound blessing and healing.” MTP, Sedona, AZ

“Best massage I’ve ever had.” SB, AZ

“The spasm in my back was really painful before you worked your magic on it. It was sore to touch for a couple of days afterward, kind of like a bruise, but now, only a few days later, it is good as new. You really are a Massage Angel!”
RS, Salem, OR

“You have a warm and healing touch, and truly do minister to body, mind and spirit. I will see you again!” RM, Salem, OR

“You definitely have a gift for sure.” DF, Powell Butte, OR

“I just feel awesome.” JS, Salem, OR

“Best massage I ever had. Mentally and physically – a great experience.” LC, Salem, OR

“I just wanted to say thanks again, you have released a lot of tension in my lower back. I have never had anyone use the type of pressure that you use, and I must say it made a huge difference. I have went in for massages two days in a row in the past , and have never got the relief that you gave me. ” DE, Somewhere in TX

My time spent with you was a highlight and I am so grateful. You have a rare gift. The ability to feel and sense where I was hurting without me needing to ask or say anything is truly a blessing. Your ability to offer gentle touch with the blend of deep tissue really had a lasting effect…especially after my long drive! You created a very relaxing atmosphere with your surroundings and your beautiful spirit. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone traveling to the coast. Peace be with you, HS. MT

“Mine is a story of years of pain followed by an amazing recovery. The pain began July 07 with a fall; it was from a height in excess of twenty-five feet, and the landing was head first into the ground – I’m lucky just to have survived. The resulting injury left me with limited mobility in my neck and shoulder and severe stabbing pain that I dealt with on a daily basis. I tried everything I could think of, hoping for some relief. I started with the conventional visit to my physician, and then to a neck and spine specialist at OHSU. When they were no help, I began viniyoga therapy designed specifically for the neck and shoulders. After an extended period of seeing no improvement I tried weekly massages focusing just on the problem area. I followed that with visits to a naturopath and finally a series of acupuncture. Nothing helped; I began to believe the pain was something I would just have to endure, probably for the rest on my life. But then a wondrous thing happened; an angel offered to send me her healing powers in the form of Reiki.
I didn’t know much about Reiki at the time, but I thought any kind of positive energy must be a good thing – I had no idea just how good, or how powerful, it could be. Angela generously sent me Reiki three nights in a row, and then one morning, after nearly three years of discomfort, the miraculous happened. I awoke, not with the usual pain and stiffness that I had grown accustomed to, but instead to the loose and pain-free neck that I had prior to my accident. It’s been nearly a month now since my recovery, and my neck is still completely pain free. I don’t know for a fact that it was the Reiki that cured me, but I do know, without question, that my healing is complete.

I believe Angela possesses, and is able to share, a healing power that is absolutely amazing. She touched my life in such a positive way, and for that I will be forever grateful.”
TR, Lincoln City, Oregon